1927 Buescher True Tone Soprano Sax

1927 Buescher Soprano SaxEarlier this year I purchased this beautiful silver plated Buescher True Tone soprano saxophone. The serial number dates this soprano to 1927 which is a great year for Buescher saxophones. Before that year the G# key was a pearl button rather than a spatula key with a roller which ergonomically works much better with the updated G# key.

When I first opened the package the soprano sax needed a good cleaning and a repad. There were some dings here and there but overall the horn was in great shape. One part of the bell was slightly bent but that was mostly cosmetic and had no influence on the sound.

1927 Buescher Soprano SaxThe Buescher soprano came with the original case which as you might imagine smelled musty and old. It’s just what you would expect from a nearly 90 year old instrument! The mouthpiece was also in tact which can be hit or miss with vintage horns. Often the mouthpiece will be missing completely or if not it will be chipped and damaged.

After cleaning up the sax a little I found that I could play the sax with the original pads in place. They were sealing OK but they were really showing their age. While testing it I discovered that was a spring that needed replaced because it had lost a lot of tension. It was preventing the “bis” Bb key from coming back up after playing an A. As you can imagine playing everything with a Bb in it might not work so well!

1927 Buescher Soprano Sax1927 Buescher Soprano Sax1927 True Tone Buescher Soprano Sax

I’ll update on the changes I’ve made to this 1927 Buescher Soprano Sax later. It’s still a work in progress!

My other vintage saxophone is a 1924 Buescher True Tone Tenor Sax which was also a restoration project. I love the sound that both of these instruments make!


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